19 May 2014

Poor Mans T-SQL formatter

A database developer must have a set of SQL coding Standards to avoid each statement being written differently.

Steven Bates has witten the SQL Server 2005 coding Standards in a series of blog posts at the MSDN blogs.
The rules are implemented by a SQL Server Management Studio add-in that is named Poor Mans T-SQL formatter.
The Poor Mans T-SQL formatter is a open-source T-SQL formatter that is available in several distibutions: Stand alone application, Notepad++ add-in, online,...
For more information visit the Poor Mans T-SQL formatter site, by pressing here

As for now there is no support to Management Studio 2014.
To make it work with Management Studio 2014:

1) Run the setup for the SQL Server Management Studio 2012 add-in available at the site.

2) Create the folder
%SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio\12.0\Addins\
if it doesn't already exists.

3) Copy the file from:
%SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio\11.0\Addins\PoorMansTSqlFormatterSSMSAddIn.AddIn
%SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio\12.0\Addins\PoorMansTSqlFormatterSSMSAddIn.AddIn

And now the add-in should be available at the Tools menu:
Note: You may need to enable show Hidden Items, in windows explorer View Menu, for the folder ProgramData to be shown.

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