29 February 2008

How to insert a page break always in HTML

A common problem in HTML is how to insert a page break after an HTML element, to print a report for instance.

The solution is the page-break-after attribute defined as always.

Define the following style in the a CSS file or the HEAD HTML element:

p { page-break-after: always } 
In the body you can do the following: 

<div>:Insert a page break....</div> 
<p>This is a page break. </p> 

The text inside the <p> tag will appear in a new page.

28 February 2008

Multiple IE versions

In a test case scenario or for designers, multiple IE versions are needed for the testing environment.
The main problem is that only one version of IE can be installed.
To solve this problem use Multiple IE Versions.
More information here or download now.
The following IE Versions are supported:
- IE 3
- IE 4
- IE 5
- IE 5.5
- IE 6
- IE 7

Warning: This solution doesn't work on windows vista, at the time of this article.