05 March 2008

JavaScript Url Parser

Parsing the URL with JavaScript is a tedious task and can spend a lot of time.

A simple JavaScript library is the solution.

Poly9's Polyvalent JavaScript URL Parser is a complete URL parser that extracts the information from complex URLs:


Get de JS File here.
The parser doesn't return the virtual directory.
A possible solution is to create a custom library and add the following functions:

// url format http://server/vdir/page.aspx?QueryStringParams
function GetVirtualDirectory(url) 
    var urlParts = url.split("/");     
    if (EndsWith(urlParts[3], ".aspx"))
        return "";
    return urlParts[3] + "/";    

function EndsWith(str, end)
    var reg = new RegExp (end + "$");
    return reg.test(str);

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