09 August 2005

Invalidade ASP.Net Cache to reload dependent user controls

If you have two user controls (ascx) in the asp.net cache and need to update a user control if the other changes, you can use the following method:

On the dependent ascx, that needs to refresh:
PartialCachingControl pcc= Parent as PartialCachingControl;
StaticPartialCachingControl spcc= Parent as StaticPartialCachingControl;

if (pcc !=null) pcc.Dependency=new CacheDependency(null, new string[]{"HighLightChange"});

This will create a cache dependency on the HighLightChange string.

On the ascx that needs to invalidate the cache:

The change on the HighLightChange will invalidate the cache dependency of the user control that must do a data refresh.

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